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Elitia has introduced an IIOT Product for Manufacturing Sector together with SAP Labs Co-Innovation to unveil a connected Internet of Things (IoT) device for bikers. The product, called Auto - Midas connects with the inbuilt smart sensor of bikes and OBU's & shop floor data is sent to Elitia integrator. The Elitia integrator pushes the data to the cloud. Simultaneously the dealer portal data & SAP ECC data are fed to the cloud.

Auto- Midas enables the user to monitor & manage the vehicle health , provides Onroad assistance . It also sends alert in case of any accident if the rider fails to respond within certain seconds and also users to access accurate location of bikes on the map with directions and speed details. It has the dynamic customer sync up with the dealer network.


Remote check & Geo location

Anti - Theft

Remote diagnosis & support

Crash detection & Emergency call

Routes assistance