Business Overview

  • Solar monitoring supports you to monitor your production in real time from all your sites stations from single centralized platform so you do not have to travel those remote sites for calibration and configuration.
  • Monitoring systems gives you clear insight of your power plant.normally solar panel requires cleaning on regular interval and adjustment, orientation as the season.

Business Problem

  • Hot spots on the panels results of a structural defect in the solar cells
  • Internal corrosion, delamination
  • PID Effect - problem can arise when a voltage difference occurs between the panel and the earthing.
  • Solar panels are Dirty or Damaged

Solution Outline

  • Each solar panels are connected with number of different sensors such as temperature/humidity sensor, etc
  • Those sensors are connected with GPRS enable datalogger
  • Weather report are also generated using this monitoring
  • The monitoring can be done through a web interface from any where in the world

Solution Benefits

  • Powerful reporting and analysis tools
  • Dashboards, reports, and export functionality
  • Manage entire portfolio of  solar plants
  • Real time solar plant performance monitoring

  • Enterprise class user access control
  • Create custom reports to meet the enterprise MIS needs
  • Long operating life
  • Generate Alerts over email and SMS

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