Solution Overview

  • Oil & Gas, Power, Chemical, Mining & Metals, Water & Wastewater Treatment wants to detect and monitor the percentage / volume of gas leaked
  • Also, the industry wants to generate an alert and alarm if case of gas leakage
  • Need for Personnel & Plant Safety: A Primary Demand Determinant

Business Challenges Addressed

  • Improving a wide range of process-safeguarding practices
  • Improve F&G system effectiveness through optimization of F & G detector coverage
  • Cost and risk of manual monitoring
  • The F&G System shall have a communications integration with the DCS
  • Display F&G graphics and alarms to the operator

Solution Outline

  • Portable and fixed gas detector device which monitor hazardous gas such as CO2, O2, H2S, etc
  • Contain Electrochemical sensors, Catalytic sensors, Infrared sensors or IR detectors helps in detecting different types of gases
  • Communication through Bluetooth or GPRS
  • Generate alerts and alarms if any gas leakage

Solution Benefits

  • Vibration + Audio / Visual alarms to the person holding the device and moving into the hazardous area
  • Connectivity to cloud for real time data transmission for audio visual alarm at the remote monitoring centre
  • Storing Data on cloud for statistical reports

  • Can be exported to the computer to view historical data in a graphical format and Excel format
  • Temperature and humidity detect functions are also available
  • User-friendly operation models

Solution Status

Ready for POC ( conditions apply )

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