Solution Overview

  • Innovative Materials, Construction Products and Building Distribution
  • Manufactures and markets solar control glass, fire resistant glass and other various types of float glasses
  • Large area warehouse for their products
  • Materials are kept are different places in different area of warehouse

Business Challenge Addressed

  • Authority unable to find the real-time place of asset in warehouse
  • Forklift needs to cover long distance to reach, pick and drop the products from the rack iniside the warehouse
  • Longer turnaround time for the picking and packing process
  • More manual Effort and Labor management
  • Lack of end-to-end visibility on inventory
  • Identication of different products manually

Solution Outline

  • Installation of MOBILE Beacons and FIXED Beacons
  • Location Beacons coordinates mapped to warehouse loading bay/item locations
  • MOBILE Beacons  with unique id tagged to each Item
  • Operator forklifts equipped with beacon tracking device to identify – Items and locations
  • Operator forklifts equipped navigation device to display navigation route to Item/Loading bay

Solution Benefits

  • Inventory Management and Tracking
  • Asset Tracking
  • Path optimization of forklift trucks for asset
  • Return tools back to their designated place

  • Identification and reduction of inactive or non- Productive time
  • Restocking process becomes more efficient and stock out losses are avoided
  • Real-time updates on inventory count

Solution Status

Ready for POC ( condition apply )

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