Solution Overview

  • Street lighting is an important community service, but it can consume as much as 40 percent of a city’s energy budget
  • Legacy street lights are failure prone and costly to manage, which add to lighting cost
  • Leading lighting manufacturer
  • Our identity is shaped by a long tradition of innovation in the field of lighting technology

Business Challenges Addressed

  • Managing scale
  • Data concentrators use single point of failure
  • High cost due to use of GSM for Remote management
  • Important to understand security and privacy issues before implementation
  • Concerns around how street lights are modified, such as dimming and turning off,
  • Important to understand security and privacy issues before implementation

Solution Outline

  • To reduce the power consumption, fault recovering, improve safety, increase citizen engagement and ensure economic control
  • Smart Street light operates on a set of sensors that transmit data based upon the light level
  • The Master device (gateway) handles all street lights in its surrounding area through communication
  • It passes the message to monitor the status of all the slave devices such as switching ON/OFF at the right time

Solution Benefits

  • Auto switching
  • Intensity controlling
  • Remote monitoring & management
  • Automatic outage detection

  • Environment monitoring
  • Wireless Communication
  • Energy Saving
  • Compact burn time

Solution Status

Ready for POC ( conditions apply )

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