Solution Overview

  • Want to help fleet owners improve operational efficiency
  • Company or Industry know exactly when and where their resources were allocated, making it a ready Business.
  • Track their vehicles across locations which would help monitor fleet maintenance with added efficiency


Business Challenges Addressed

  • Unable to identify or track location, speed, fuel level, etc of known and unknown vehicles
  • Unable to identify the material, vehicle is carrying
  • Problem in creating vehicle gatepass and visitor gate pass
  • Problem regarding assigning specific route to vehicles
  • Arrival and departure report with alert on route deviations
  • Geo-coding and Geo-fencing of Stoppages, Routes and parking yards.

Solution Outline

  • GPS - GPRS Vehicle Tracking device to detect Location, fuel Level, engine Condition, etc. using integrated sensors.
  • Generate alert to driver & remote managing authority for abnormality
  • Full control over the monitoring of their vehicles' status and current locations.
  • Solution offer managed connectivity platform to manage SIM cards and help prevent misuse

Solution Benefits

  • Real-time vehicle tracking
  • Geo-Fencing for setting specific vehicle travel zones
  • Email/SMS alerts for over-speeding, stoppage,  main supply removal, entering/exiting a geo-fence, harsh braking and harsh acceleration etc.


  • Trip Management and ReportsComparison Charts & Top Consumption
  • SMS-based solution for a truck's current location and remote telematics management
  • Monitoring engine idle time for all truck.

Solution Status

Ready for POC ( conditions apply )

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