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A powerful new software that connects people, data and machines over the Industrial Internet. It gives us the intelligence to tell us what’s going on in a machine, whether something’s wrong, and what we can do about it before it can affect our customers.

The software enabling you to collect, visualize and analyze unit and site level data. There is constant collection of data-- weather, component information, service reports and performance which helps to analyze , predict and identify any intrusions.

Smart sensors are incorporated in wind turbine blades to discover the changes and damage in the blade structure at an early stage before the blade breaks. This will allow operators of offshore wind farms to check ‘the health’ of the wind turbines with the help of a remote monitoring application and with the increase in intervals between inspections, the remote monitoring of damage to off-shore wind turbines has become more cost - effective.

The sensors also give the opportunity to develop prognostics calculating the remaining life of the turbine, based on its current condition. Operators of large wind farms could use the tool to decide how best to maintain the blades during operation.


Asset Management

Alarm Management

Wind Farm Optimization

Predictive Maintenance

Workforce Management