Cinque Terre


Grid-x is uniting diverse monitoring, communications, intelligence and action technologies into information-age solutions which allow for new operations and customer-side applications of the electric grid.

Our smart grid technologies are also helping reduce the price of

  • Electricity through more reliable communication between consumers and suppliers.
  • We’re also using the smart grid to enhance operation, make more efficient use of grid assets sub-stations, transformers, circuit breakers etc. to help them in planning more cost-effective expansion of the electric grid.
  • All these systems and experiences are now combined into a comprehensive vision for a unified system architecture that covers many critical Smart Grid requirements.
Cinque Terre


Energy management system

Fault analysis and device maintenance

Providing internal energy consumption data

Real time information provided by sensors

Feedback control system and superior diagnostics

Providing Security and Safety Management

Advantages of Grid-X :

  • Improves power reliability and quality
  • Optimizes facility utilization and averts peak load needed
  • Enhances capacity and efficiency of existing electric power networks
  • Enables self-healing responses to system disturbances
  • Automates maintenance and operation
  • Bi-directional communication and metering
  • Distribution automation as distribution environment is much bigger and dynamic